Payment Plan

We offer a time payment program to help you budget for those bigger purchases!

To use the program, called “Lay-Buy powered by PayPal,” you will need a PayPal account. That’s the only catch, but means that the program's fee is very small  (currently 2.9%!) and there's no interest!  Down payment of 30% is required (can be more if you like, and the down payment can be paid with a credit card). Then you can choose to finish paying in 1 or 2 additional monthly installments. Those installments must come out of a PayPal account… If you don’t yet have one, you will be guided through the easy process of setting one up. We love PayPal – They’ve proven to have better data security than any other payment processor.

Be aware that monthly payments are due on their due date, and missing any payment(s) will forfeit the items with no refund for completed payments. (This applies to order cancellations as well.) This is necessary to insure that models aren’t removed from our public site for extended periods and then not paid for, as we’re responsible to our consignors for selling their models in a timely manner.  Please make sure you plan ahead to have payment money in your PayPal account prior to the payment dates.

To use the Lay-Buy program:

  • Order your items as usual and proceed to checkout.
  • Choose “Lay-Buy powered by PayPal” as the payment option.
  • Follow the instructions to set up your custom payment plan.
  • Monthly payments will automatically be drawn from your PayPal account on the same date each month as your order.  Simply insure there's sufficient balance in your PayPal account on that date and it will happen automatically.
  • Once the order is fully paid, the plan will automatically stop drawing payments and will notify us that the order is paid.

[We recommend having a credit card set up as your back-up payment method on PayPal, just in case your balance isn't sufficient to cover the payment on payment day.  That will prevent you from missing the payment and potentially defaulting.] 

If you decide you'd like to pay off your Lay-Buy earlier, just drop us an email. We'll send you an invoice for the amount remaining so you can pay it in full. (We cannot take partial payments early, but can invoice your for full payment for the balance.)

Items will ship after final payment has been made. 

If you have any questions about the Hold Program, or anything on our site, feel free to contact us anytime.

Please note:  Because of the way funds are processed for Lay-Buys, we're unable to create refunds for any reason, including but not limited to: customer order cancellation, shipping, etc.