Breyer Fall Releases and CollectA Update

Hi Everyone!

With the announcement of Breyer Fall New Releases, our busy season has officially begun!  People are already shopping for Christmas gifts for horse lovers, and that's a really good idea, particularly this year!  All manufacturers are at least partially effected by the pandemic and the restrictions it has created, so there's definitely a chance of products going out of stock early. 

If you're making a Christmas wish list for yourself, it's not too early to send it those relatives that ask for one!  You can use our site's Wish List feature (you have to be logged in, of course) to create a list and then send it by email, Facebook, etc., to those who want to give you ponies for the holidays.


So, new releases! 

Spectrum, as expected, sold out within half an hour here!  Retailers are limited to 18 of him, and 18 go very quickly.  Congrats to those who got one, and best wishes to those who missed ours - We hope you can find one someplace.  We don't expect to be able to get any more, so we are not keeping a waiting list, but in case you haven't seen her, here's Spectrum:

Breyer Spectrum Fall Release 2020

The other Traditional release for fall of 2020 is the annual Brick-and-Mortar Limited Edition model.  The annual B&M model is Breyer's way of thanking physical stores for carrying their line by giving them the opportunity to better compete with online-only stores.  As such, this is the one model each year that Breyer prohibits us from selling online to ship to customers.  The B&M model must be picked up at our store.  This year's B&M model is a gorgeous dappled bay on the Arabian Mare mold, named Raia.  Here she is:

If you live within driving distance of our store, you may reserve yours on our site, but absolutely have to pick her up here.  See her page for details.


Breyer is also debuting a new line called Breyer Farms, and so far, we like what we're seeing!  Each of these new playsets comes with horses, making them a ready-made collection starter or addition.  They are expected to arrive sometime in November.  Our favorite new sets are these wood carry stables:

Breyer Wood Carry Stables with Horses or Unicorns at Triple Mountain

Aren't they neat?  Each stable has six stalls and a rugged carrying handle so you can take your models everywhere.  Each comes complete with SIX Stablemates models... The pink "Unicorn Magic" barn includes six colorful unicorns, while the blue barn includes six horses.... This is the only photo we were sent, but it sure looks like there are some of the newly miniaturized Traditionals in there! 

There is also a new Land Rover and Tag-Along Trailer set that comes with a bay Highland Pony and a palomino Shetland:

Breyer Land Rover & Tag-Along Trailer with Horses at Triple Mountain

...and the headline item - The Breyer Farms Stable Playset, which comes with a grey Paso Fino and a red roan Highland Pony, stable with working doors, windows, and lift-up roof panels, plus fencing and accessories.

Breyer Farms Stablemates Stable Play Set with 2 Horses at Triple Mountain

We're really liking the new color scheme and the creativity these sets will inspire.

Again, Spectrum (sold out) and Raia (store pickup only) should arrive in September, while the Breyer Farms sets are expected in November.  These dates, like everything in 2020, are subject to change.  If we hear of any delays, we'll post them onto each of the items' pages so you can see them anytime.

Speaking of delays, we now have an update, of sorts, on the new CollectA we're waiting for:

"CollectA---due in 8/28 or 10/30...if they arrived on the 8/28 shipment then they should be shipping soon."

That's straight from our Breyer rep.  It seems Breyer isn't sure which ship they're sailing in on.  If they did arrive on 8/28, it can take up to 2 weeks for them to arrive at Breyer from the port, get sorted, and then shipped to retailers, so we *could* see them soon.  If we don't see them by Friday the 11th, we'll update the item pages to the October 30 date. 

 Have a model day, everyone!


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