Breyer Is Coming! Breyer Is Coming!

Breyer is changing it up on us this year... Instead of sending a truck with our order like last year, they're sending it UPS in three parts. The first two parts are scheduled to arrive sometime Monday (perhaps on the same truck; perhaps on two separate trucks), and the third part is scheduled for sometime Tuesday.

I know, believe me, I know... This is weird, and will complicate shipping to some extent, as we won't have all the models to fill some orders until Tuesday evening. We have no way of knowing which models are in each part, so we'll start shipping orders we can fill on Tuesday and the rest beginning Wednesday when all models have arrived.

Shipping all pre-orders usually takes 3 days or so. Please bear with us as we'll be sorting models to ship as quickly as we can, and so we will not be answering emails or Facebook messages very quickly through the next few days, so we can focus on getting those models out to you asap. Thanks for your patience, and start making shelf space!

If you chose the Hold Program for your order, we'll contact you after all the shipping-paid orders have been loaded on the truck, to see if you want to keep them on Hold or get your shipping invoice. 

In-Store Pick-Up orders will be ready to be picked up this coming Sunday.  You can pick them up then or any Sunday after that.  (Please check the weather and remember we post a banner on our site by 8:30am Sundays if we're not going to open due to a winter storm.)

If you haven't pre-ordered your models, you may want to place your order now, as they typically sell quickly once they land, and it may be a bit before Breyer ships refill orders to retailers.

For our part, we've pushed our displays to the walls in the store to make room to sort everyone when they arrive, and we've stocked up on Mountain Dew and Kind bars to keep our energy up.  It's going to be a crazy week, but we will post some pictures of the shipment on Facebook and at the bottom of this article when we can, so you can have the fun of seeing them come in right along with us!

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