Changes to our "Hold Your Horses" Program

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Our Hold Program has become so popular that we've recently doubled our Hold Shelf space!  We LOVE that we're saving you so much money on shipping (the program has saved our customers thousands of dollars since its start!) and are thrilled with the great feedback you've given us.

The only challenge we've had is with the way the program is set up: because it shows at checkout as $0 shipping, it becomes the default option. A lot of first-time customers don't realize that, and they end up choosing Hold accidentally.

We've been trying to find a way to remedy this, but we're not able to edit the checkout page (for security reasons, so that's good).  Racking our brains, we've finally decided to make the Hold program a "discount code" instead of a shipping option.  Along with this, we've changed the name to our "Hold Your Horses" program.  It's cute, right?

From now on, just enter HOLD into the discount field at checkout to place your order into the Hold Your Horses program.  When you pay for your order, it will show "free shipping."  As always, though, shipping will be charged when you're ready for your Hold Herd to ship - that hasn't changed.  (Please read our Shipping page for full program details and rules if you're not familiar.  Nothing has changed except the way you select the Hold program at checkout.)

The only drawback to using the discount field for the program - and the reason we've taken so long to really think this through - is that only one discount code can be used per order.  So, if we hold a special promotion that requires you to enter a discount code, you can't use the HOLD code as well.  But don't worry - Remember, we're real people, here to help!  We don't use discount code promotions often, but when we do, just enter the promotional code at checkout, pay the shipping for that one order, and then email us to say you'd like it added to your Hold Herd.  We'll apply the amount you paid in shipping toward shipping the entire Herd, so you'll get to take advantage of both the sale and the program!

We hope this helps new customers feel more comfortable and less confused when ordering for the first time while allowing our seasoned collectors to still easily use the Hold Your Horses program.


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