Copperfox Sneak Peak ~ Bailey!

Copperfox Welsh Cob D'Abernon Tiger Woods "Bailey"

The Welsh Cob mold was sculpted by Kelly Sealey of Kelly’s Studio.  He is a rugged stallion with an arched neck and the naturally high action Welsh Cobs are known for.  He is really moving out in a flying trot, with only two feet touching the ground, yet he stands securely with the use of a clear acrylic peg. As a sweet little detail in respect to his Celtic heritage, the Welsh Cob has a tiny braid behind his right ear.


This release is a lovely portrait of Welsh Cob stallion D’Abernon Tiger Woods.  Known as Bailey around the barn, he is one of the most successful living Welsh Cobs in the world of competitive driving.  This gorgeous black Cob has been bringing home top prizes in driving competitions worldwide with his owner Rosanna Walter-Symons. 

Copperfox Welsh Cob D'Abernon Tiger Woods "Bailey"

This handsome boy has a star, two adorable pink snips, and four socks over some neat-colored hooves:  He has dark and light areas on his hooves that aren’t quite stripes, as they only go partway down each foot.  Copperfox carefully recreated his unique hoof coloring on his portrait model. 

Here's a picture that shows off Bailey's neat hooves, taken during the Dressage Phase of a driving event:

D'Abernon Tiger Woods "Bailey" in competition

Here is his portrait model, with his hoof markings accurately recreated:

Copperfox Welsh Cob D'Abernon Tiger Woods "Bailey"

That's some incredible attention to detail, and one of the reasons we love these small-run Copperfox models.  Only 250 models of Bailey were made.  Like all Copperfox models, they were made to be tack-friendly, so the showing possibilities for this guy are endless! 

Bailey will become available on 4/10 on our Copperfox brand page.

Keep an eye on our blog all week for more sneak peeks at the models we'll be receiving!

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