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Copperfox Model Horses in the US at Triple Mountain


We at Triple Mountain are honored to have been chosen as the very first retailer in the US to carry the Copperfox line!  <happy dance>


Copperfox Model Horses began producing models of British breeds in 2015 after a very successful Kickstarter event.  They then took the world by storm in 2016 with a range of models on four molds in thirteen color combinations.  Growing by leaps and bounds, Copperfox models are now winning at model horse shows around the world, thanks to their attention to detail, both in sculpts and colors.


Loughnatousa Fabio "Superman" winning Grand Champion of Show at the 2016 Quarter Horse Congress Model Horse Show


Copperfox models are made at the popular 1:9 scale (what most collectors call Traditional Scale, based on Breyer's term).  They are all produced in very small, limited edition runs of between 10 and 250 models.  This not only helps keep the painters from getting bored so that quality stays high, but also means that their models are almost certain to increase in value due to their scarcity.


2016 Copperfox range

Some of the 2016 Copperfox range of models


Each Copperfox model comes presented in an exclusive collector's box, which is specifically designed for the mold it carries with the model resting comfortably in the cut-out of a foam insert which protects it on its journey to you.  Along with your model, inside the box you'll find a certificate of authenticity signed by BEO Becky Benfield.  Each model also enables its owner free access to CF online monthly magazine "Utterly Horses," that is sent straight to your inbox.  Details of how to access the e-zine are included in the model's box.

Copperfox Model Horses Packaging

Copperfox's beautiful box wears a metallic copper fox and Union Jack, and includes lots of goodies!


Please note:  Because of our very low profit margins on this first shipment of Copperfox models, Pony Points cannot be redeemed to discount them.  We hope that we'll be able to include them beginning with our next shipment.  Meanwhile, Copperfox purchases will still EARN you Pony Points that you can use on orders for our other items.