Copperfox Sneak Peek ~ Marble!

Copperfox Connemara Pony Marble

This lovely sculpt depicts the Connemara Pony, native to Ireland.  Due to contracts with other brands, the sculptor's name can't be published, but she is prolific in the animal sculpting world, renowned for her amazingly realistic portrayals of horses, as well as other animals and birds.  This sculpt is no exception - This beautiful galloping Connemara appears to have been taken straight out of the breed's conformation guide!

Those of you who know the Connemara breed are probably already starting to type me an email saying that only solid colored horses can be registered as Connemaras.  True!  This particular release on the Connemara mold depicts a half-Connemara pony (per the Copperfox website) with a striking pinto coat.  As such, he could be shown as any number of breeds, and certainly catches the judge's eye wherever he goes.

Here's what Becky has to say about this mold:

The Connemara Pony is a model that can do it all, much like its real life counterpart. English, Western, Stunt Pony, Chariot Racing, this mould is one that loves to gallop into the Performance classes at live shows. The model is quiet, calm and disciplined, like it’s a pony that knows its job and does it well. I’m looking forward to getting this mould into different colourways in the future as you find that when a colour changes on a model, the whole look changes too.

Copperfox Connemara Marble

This handsome buckskin tobiano pinto on the Connemara mold is named for the Marble Fox, a breed of domesticated foxes known for their multi-colored coats.  This fellow wears a star, black points, and ermine spots over striped hooves.  The Connemara mold has been proven successful in shows worldwide, excelling in Performance classes in all disciplines.  He is quite photogenic and one of the most colorful Copperfox models to date!

Marble will become available on 4/10 when the Copperfox line officially debuts!  You'll be able to find him on this page starting on that date.

Check our blog daily for more sneak peeks leading up to the debut!


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