Copperfox Sneak Peek ~ Percival!

Copperfox Welsh Cob Percival

Percival, or Percy, as he's called is a magnificent dapple grey on Kelly Sealey's Welsh Cob mold.  Here's what Becky had to say about this mold:

The Welsh Cob is a very handsome fellow who knows it. He is the peacock of the showring and one that would shout “look at me!”. This mould looks wonderful in any colour; even in plain, unpainted white, he looks gorgeous. His face is so expressive, even if it does have that look of “butter wouldn’t melt”! When Kelly was sculpting Celtic Warrior, many people actually saw this model at our UH Hullaballoo back in 2013 but at the time didn’t know what he would be part of!

Copperfox Welsh Cob Percival

Percival is a light dappled grey with some of the best dapples any factory has ever painted. He features subtle body shading, even subtler dappling, shaded legs and muzzle.  Since each is hand-painted and hand-dappled, no two are alike!  He immediately became Eleda’s favorite color on this mold!

Copperfox Welsh Cob Percival

Percy was made in matte and glossy versions… Glossy sold out quickly at Copperfox, but we were thrilled to be able to get some of the beautiful matte ones, which have a softer, more realistic look.  Only 250 matte Percivals were made, and we expect them to sell quickly.

Percy can be purchased on our Copperfox page beginning on 4/10.

Stay tuned to our blog for more sneak peeks leading up to their US debut!

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