Copperfox Sneak Peek ~ Superman!

Copperfox Irish Sport horse Loughnatousa Fabio - Superman

Copperfox's first horse mold (the other early models all being ponies) is the Irish Sport Horse.  Tall, athletic and focused, he was sculpted by the incredible Morgen Kilbourn.  The details on this guy are incredible, from rippling muscles, to flared nostrils, to neck wrinkles, he is all athlete.  Irish Sport Horses are even the trusted breed used for the Queen's Household Cavalry!  Standing 12" tall to his eartips and a full 18" long, he commands attention wherever he goes.  Here's what Becky had to say about this mold:

The Irish Sports Horse, or King Horse as he is known at the factory, is the bold one of the bunch, with a heart of a lion and the courage to leap over a giant cross-country fence. Like his real life counterparts, he is intelligent, kind but a little mischievous if not channeled into something. This mould, like the Connemara Pony, excels in Performance classes, especially if there is a jump involved!

 Copperfox Loughnatousa Fabio - Superman


This handsome bay - even more gorgeous in person, where his subtle shading shows better than in photos - a portrait of Irish Sport Horse Loughnatousa (Luff-nuh-too’-suh) Fabio, so yes, he needed a nickname.  He earned it while he was first learning to free-jump:  Whenever he jumped, he lifted his forelegs so high, bystanders said he reminded them of the cartoon Superman leaping into the air to fly away!  Superman is competing at events in Europe, and making a splash everywhere he goes.

Copperfox Loughnatousa Fabio Superman
And just like the real Superman, Copperfox's Superman is a proven winner at shows in the US and Europe.  Here he is, taking Grand Champion of Show at the US Quarter Horse Congress Model Horse Show in 2016!
Copperfox Superman winning
With only 250 made, the supply we have is strictly limited, so don't wait to "get him later."  No more of this release will be made, so get yours as soon as they debut on 4/10!  They'll be found on our Copperfox page, starting on that date.
We're not done yet... Check in again tomorrow for a very special sneak peek!
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