Copperfox Sneak Peek ~ Trifle!

Copperfox Exmoor Trifle

This little pony will surprise you by how quickly she captures your heart when you see her in person!  Here's what Becky had to say about the little Exmoor Pony:

The Exmoor Pony, sculpted by Harriet Knibbs, is a pony that doesn’t conform and I love that about her. She is a roly-pony pony who knows her own mind and does her own thing. She is one that hates being photographed but in person she is the loveliest model you could ever own. Many collectors don’t like this model or at least don’t think they do until they see and hold her in person! Some also say that this mould, Dunkery Belle, is pregnant. She wasn’t created as that, rather than she is a little pony that enjoys the grass a little too much, well, that and the odd sugar lump! She is often considered the odd one out of the quartet but I think really, she is the one that holds them all together.

Copperfox Exmoor Trifle

Trifle is a portrait of the fictional Exmoor Pony star of a series of books by Victoria Eveleigh.  As a fun bonus, all of our Trifle models will come with a complimentary copy of the first book in the series: Katy’s Wild Foal, in which you’ll find out how she got her name.  A trifle is a dessert made with fruit, sponge cake and custard, so I have a feeling a little thievery comes into play…

Trifle is a beautifully shaded bay with solid legs and face, and lighter muzzle and eye circles inherited from her wild ancestors.  She is limited to 250 pieces.  Take a chance on Trifle and let her win your heart with her sweet, slightly mischievous expression!

Starting with the official debut on 4/10, you'll be able to buy Trifle here.

More sneak peeks are to come - Check our blog each evening to stay up-to-date!

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