Dirigo Leads the Way

We are excited to announce Triple Mountain's very first exclusive Special Run model.  We began hoping and planning for a Special Run from Copperfox back in 2017... It has taken a while, but Dirigo has landed!

He goes live tonight at 8pm Eastern Time, so we'll be busy all afternoon hand-numbering COAs and getting this group of little green Welsh Ponies ready to join your herd!

It's the dream of most model horse retailers to eventually have a model made exclusively for them.  We approached Breyer, Peter Stone, and Copperfox three years ago to look into the possibility, and it was Copperfox who responded that they'd love to work with us on a special release.  Then Copperfox went through some struggles, was sold, and rebuilt by a family in New England.  We thought our Special Run wouldn't be able to come to fruition, so we were ecstatic when the new owner asked if we were still interested!

We began planning this release last year, choosing green clearware to match our logo, and using Eleda's favorite mold, the Welsh Cob.  Then, like everything else around the globe, he was delayed because of COVID.  However, it turned out perfectly, as the first 100 models were completed just in time to celebrate the 5th anniversary of opening our retail store, which was in December of 2015.

We wanted to give him a name that fits his very special stature as the first Triple Mountain exclusive model, and the pressure was on to find the perfect name when we found out he'll be the very first release of the Welsh Cob in Coppercub size.  We want him to represent our magical state of Maine, and so it came to us:  Dirigo!   Dirigo means "I Lead" in Latin, and is part of Maine's State Seal. 

Little Dirigo is a leader in many ways.  Along with being the first for us and the first Cob ever in that size, Copperfox intentionally created some neat variations within our run... One of which I don't think has ever been done by any manufacturer! 

We can't wait for collectors to discover the variations, and hope you all enjoy this very special, long-awaited pony.  Only 250 will be made, and each comes with a hand-numbered COA and custom Copperfox box in Triple Mountain colors.

We have 100 all ready to ship, with the other 150 being finished right now, ready to go in 4-8 weeks, so once the first 100 have sold, the remaining orders will be paid pre-orders and will ship as soon as the models arrive. 

Thanks for being excited with us! 

Happy Fifth Anniversary to our store and Happy Holidays to everyone!


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