Got an empty Breyer box lying around? Here's an idea!

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We all have plastic-front Breyer boxes "from time to time."  Do you stack yours in storage or throw them away?  We've found they don't add much value to most models (with some exceptions) so why not put at least one to good use?  It turns out, they make excellent shadow boxes!

This photo and idea was sent to us by Peggy F who made a shadow box as a tribute to Thoroughbred Tinner's Way.  Tinner's Way was a multiple Grade A stakes winner in his own right, but was most famous as being the last foal Secretariat ever sired.  Peggy's mother got to see Secretariat race in the Preakness, and passed along her love for him to her daughter.  Peggy narrowly missed a chance to meet Tinner's Way at Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm and wanted to create a tribute to this special horse. 

Tiner's Way tribute shadow box by Peggy F


Using an empty Breyer box, she printed a photo of Tinner's Way and information about him to use as a backdrop.  Then she included a model of his sire, whom he looked a lot like!  She had a blanket made for him by Matriarchhorse on Etsy and was even lucky enough to purchase a bracelet made from Tinner's Way's tail hair from Old Friends to hang around his neck.

We think this is a great idea!  Whether you make it a tribute to a real horse or a special model, re-using a Breyer box as a shadow box for display is perfect!  What would you put into yours?  Ribbons your horse has won, a model in his show tack, photos from Breyerfest or a horse show...  The possibilities are endless!


If you decide to make a shadowbox in a Breyer box like this, we'd love to see pictures!

Happy collecting,


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