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Hi Everyone,

This is more of a personal note, but it's great news for Triple Mountain, so I want to share it with you.

You all know I eat, sleep and breathe model horses (but don't lick them... That's a story for another day), but you probably don't know that Roy and I run another business as well.  We have run a convenience store in the tourist resort town of North Conway, NH, since 2013, so my time is divided between the two.

Good news!  We're going to be closing the convenience store, so I'll be able to work solely at Triple Mountain.  Triple Mountain has grown enough to warrant it, and it will be great not to try to split my schedule between two full time "jobs." 

That said, I need to ask for your patience for the next few weeks.  We'll be closing the convenience store at the end of September - The timing was designed to happen just before holiday model shopping starts.  That means for the next 4 and-a-half weeks I'll be working even longer days as I need to manage vendors and contact licensing agencies to begin closing accounts and such. 

During this time, I may not always be able to answer emails and messages as quickly, and we may sometimes have to ship orders a day later than usual.  Rest assured, I'll try to keep any disruptions to a minimum and I will still be working at Triple Mountain daily.  My hours here will depend on what I need to do at the c-store, though, for the next month, so I'll need to prioritize my time here toward getting orders out and getting new items listed on time.  (Don't worry about that... I've already written and advance-scheduled all of our September Friday listings!)

So. thank you in advance for cheering us on through this amazing transition!  Being able to adopt out models to you and other collectors is a dream come true for me, so thank you for coming along for the ride.  I've got my eyes on the prize:  After the convenience store is closed, I'll finally have time to do all the fun things I've had in mind for you at Triple Mountain!


Eleda from Triple Mountain with Silver

 [Eleda giving a kiss to Be Lapointe's Miniature Horse Silver this summer]


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  • Wonderful news, Eleda, for you and for us!

    Linda on
  • Good on Ya!

    Loren on

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