Heat Warning!

It's July and I don't have to tell you:  It's HOT out there!  Even Maine has been over 90 degrees for 2 days.  Shipping models in this kind of heat is risky.  If you live in an area where it's scalding hot right now, you may want to consider placing your order into our Hold Your Horses™ Program, since we aren't responsible for heat damage in transit.  Carriers do not use air conditioned box trucks and often transfer boxes from trucks to planes by unloading boxes onto airport tarmacs that can get to over 120F (49C)!

If you decide to use our Hold Program, we'll keep the order here until you're comfortable requesting it to be shipped.  Be aware that shipping isn't charged when you place the order - When you're ready for it to be shipped, we'll pack it and invoice you for shipping then.  (As a bonus, you can order more than once and we'll put everything together so that when you request a shipping invoice, you'll only pay shipping once.)  This can be a great option during hot weather or if you live in a hurricane-prone area and a storm is coming in that could make shipping to you risky.  We have an entire room of Hold Shelves, so your models will be safe here until you're ready to receive them.

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