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We usually keep Triple Mountain free of politics and world issues as much as possible, so it can be an oasis for horse lovers.  However, in light of the invasion of Ukraine, we feel we need to step up and offer what help we can.

Starting today, we are splitting our 1% to charity donation between our regular beneficiary (Riding to the Top Therapeutic Riding Center) and Razom - a US-based 503(c) non-profit that is sending medical supplies to Ukraine. 

Razom, which means "together" in Ukrainian, is a reputable charity that works with respected partner organizations on the ground in western Ukraine to warehouse, sort, and distribute these badly-needed supplies.

The photo below, from Razom's website, shows 38 tons of supplies that were shipped to Ukraine on March 7th.

Razon sent 38 tons of medical supplies to Ukraine on March 7

The first shipments of tactical medicine (sent on the first two days of the war) are now arriving in Kyiv and Zhytomyr oblasts, and Razom has spent over 1.5 million dollars already to procure and ship tactical medical and hospital supplies.

Every purchase at Triple Mountain will help them deliver desperately-needed medical supplies to the country, along with the equipment that will help these get distributed to places that need them urgently in Ukraine (backpacks, GPS devices, etc).

If you'd like to donate directly beyond Triple Mountain purchases, there are donation links on Razom's website: 

Who's the Stablemate in the thumbnail for this article?  This little guy was inspired by Razom's partner organization which is distributing supplies in the Ukraine.  Their name Kryla Nadiyi means "wings of hope" in Ukranian.  We thought that's a great name for a model, so we painted up this little guy in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, with wings of hope and will be selling him with proceeds going to Razom.  If there's interest, we may create additional models on different molds to continue to benefit this important organization.


Along with people all around the world, we pray for peace and freedom for the Ukrainian people to live their lives and run their country as they see fit.  Meanwhile, we stand with Razom to save lives and encourage hope.

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