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Well, our live Fun Weekend event in southern Maine had to be postponed (no new date yet) because of the virus, but we can still have some fun!

We're testing a cool "claw game" that you can play on our site to win a discount on your order.  I hope you enjoy it!


Claw Game


When you drop the claw:
If you miss all the tokens, you will have to wait 3 minutes before playing again.  That's a great opportunity to shop and choose what you'll use your prize discount on!
If you pick up a grey token, you don't get a discount, but can play again immediately.
If you pick up a green token, you get a discount!
If you can manage to pick up the elusive rainbow token, you get the big discount!


If you win a discount, you cannot play again for 24 hours.

Discount is good on orders for current-production Breyer, Schleich, and CollectA models placed after you win the discount through end-of-day Sunday, May 3, 2020.

Prize discount cannot be combined with any other discounts, including Pony Points.


We may have to stop the game early if it misbehaves.  Coding these things is tricky!  If we have to stop it early, any discounts already won will be valid through the weekend, but no new discounts will be awarded.


Play With Your Food - We're looking for more horse-shaped food for our challenge this week.  Send us a picture of your horse-shaped cookies, sandwich cut into a horse head shape, or ....  ! 


Tuesday is for JAH!

We're also preparing for a boredom buster special event on Tuesday:  We've been piling up Breyer "Just About Horses" magazine issues for some time and are releasing them all at once on Tuesday evening at 8pm Eastern.  They're just as great today as when they were published, and are a wonderful way to spend some of your quiet time reading up on the hobby and the horses that have inspired models.  Articles on model repair, customizing, tack making and more will get your creativity prancing!  So watch for those to come out Tuesday evening... Most are priced at $5 each. 

If you want to see what articles are in each issue and be ready to grab your favorites Tuesday evening, Identify Your Breyer's site has a list of every article in each issue.  The index is here.  Pick a year to see all the articles in those issues and make a note of which you want to look for on our site.... We have almost two hundred issues going online!

We'll post a link to them from our homepage on Tuesday, and they'll show up in the "new" collection as well, at least until Friday, when we boot them out of there so they don't block the incoming models.

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