Poiny Points Rewards Program Update Coming

We've been doing some spring cleaning, and that includes sprucing up our Pony Points program.  The program identifies customers using their unique email address, rather than a name (we can have several customers with the same name), and that generally works great.  However, a handful of people have changed email addresses, so they had some Pony Points on this account, some on that account...  We've gone through and consolidated all of your Points under the account you logged in with most recently, and deleted them from older email addresses.  This means that some of you may suddenly see a higher Pony Points balance (woo hoo!) when you log in.
This is in preparation for a bigger change we're about to make.  We are looking at changing the provider for our rewards program, so we want to move over a nice, clean, organized list of customers and balances.  If all goes well (but does it ever with technology?), you won't notice any difference other than maybe a slightly different looking pop-up Rewards box.  We will be keeping our rewards system the same:  You will continue to earn 5 Pony Points for each dollar spent and will be able to redeem them for money off future orders:  $10 off a $20+ order for 1000 points, and bigger discounts if you keep saving those points to reach higher tier rewards!
Over 300,000 Pony Points have been used by customers to save money, and we often hear how much fun it is to collect them and use them for more ponies!
I recommend that if you have your eye on some models and have enough Pony Points to earn a discount, that you redeem them in the next week or so.  As I said earlier, things rarely go perfectly with technology.  As we make this change, the new provider says they'll be able to import existing points balances, and we're taking precautions to try to insure a smooth transition.  However, I have to add the disclaimer that "Pony Points have no cash value and we may change/cancel the program at any time... "   If something goes wrong and balances get lost, it will be sad, but we wouldn't be able to rebuild them and would have to start over.  Again, we're going to do our darndest to make sure that doesn't happen, but... technology.
So, if you have a balance and want to make perfectly sure you get to use it, this is an ideal time!  You could order some of the new Mid-Years, or that vintage model you've been hoping to buy!
The changeover in provider will take place on or after 6/21. 
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