Pre-Black Friday Sales

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If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, you're missing out!  We just sent a list of all the one-day sale items from now through Thanksgiving, leading up to Black Friday!

(Thank you, Emily, for catching our first typo of the season:  Banks Vanilla will be on sale for $29.99, not $8.99.  No matter how many times you proofread something....  *sigh*  Well, at least we have awesome collectors who are helping us keep it all straight!  Thanks, Emily, we appreciate you!)

If you didn't get on the newsletter list in time, you can subscribe at the bottom of any page of our site... and if you email, I may send you a copy of the most recent one so you'll have the list of items going on sale, along with their dates.  You're going to want to be on it, though... We haven't announced everything yet...


We're so excited about the Black Friday Surprise Packs, that we're practically running around giggling over here.  Will some of our customers get chase models?  It surely could happen!

The image for this post is the EXCITING Medium Surprise Pack.  There are still two more packs larger than this one, including the SPECTACULAR Holiday Bonanza Surprise Pack which even includes a Traditional, a Classic, and even more goodies! 


Triple Mountain sneak peek of Black Friday medium sized Surprise Pack


Surprise Packs will go live at around 12:01 am (EST) on Black Friday.

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