Model Horse News for December... and a Thank You!

Hi all! 

It's been a crazy year, and I don't have to tell you that.    I want to thank you for choosing us as your main model horse "adoption agent" through this year.  We appreciate not only your business, but all the great conversations we've had with wonderful collectors all around the world.  We've enjoyed seeing photos of your collections and getting to know you and your families.  Hearing about models lost in the past and replaced with a model found at Triple Mountain were heartwarming.  Being able to tell our consignors that their model has a great new home where he'll be loved as much as when they first got him makes us very happy.  So thank you for all of that and more!

I also want to thank those of you who purchased models from our animal shelter charity account.  2019's total raised for our regional shelter was $2500, including money donated from our week at the fair, where we were "booth neighbors" with them.  This year, because of your generosity in purchasing models from the charity account, we raised $3800 for them!  In a year when donations are low to all charities and there were no fairs or fundraisers that they usually count on, this is really, truly wonderful.  Thank you for helping us help animals!


December 28th, 2020, marks the 5th anniversary of opening our retail store! 

While we've been in business since 2012, the opening of the store allowed us to become a Flagship retailer for Breyer, so it was an important date.  We are celebrating with our very first exclusive model release, the Copperfox Cub-size Welsh Cob in Triple Mountain green, named Dirigo.  Only 250 will be made, and the first round is starting to land at their new homes now!  Collectors are having a lot of fun discovering the amazing variations Copperfox worked into the run:  Some have a silvery sheen inside like a gemstone; some have a purple interference coat that only shows in sunlight; a very few are solid instead of hollow... and for the first time from any manufacturer:  Some are made in reverse of the Traditional-sized mold!  These "mirrored" models have their left front leg raised instead of their right one, and their braid is on the left side.  We have been excited to see that some collectors who bought more than one have gotten a mirrored one and a regular one, like Nicole's awesome pair here:

Copperfox Dirigo pair with one mirrored

Here's one with a lovely silver sheen, belonging to a collecting couple in Florida:

Copperfox Dirigo with silver sheen

 We have a few Dirigo still available... Order yours here!  He is only available at Triple Mountain!



So, what's going on with the shipping carriers?


I think that banner message on says it all.  There's always a slowdown in delivery time at the holidays because of increased volume, but this year, almost everyone was shopping online and/or shipping gifts to family and friends they normally see in person.  Add to that the COVID wave that followed Thanksgiving gatherings resulting in fewer healthy employees to manage the extra work, and it's been terrible. 

We thank all the employees of the carriers for their extra hours and dedication during this time, and feel bad that you take the brunt of the anger when things don't arrive on time.  That said, we've got a lot of orders that shipped two weeks ago that are still in transit.  We understand if you've ordered something, you hope and expect to have it arrive promptly - We do, too.  Once it's in the carriers' hands, though, there's nothing any of us can do but try to be patient while they sort through the mountains of boxes they're trying to distribute.  We hope that they will be able to catch up soon and get back on schedule.


New Model Lines for Breyer

Breyer is introducing a couple of new lines to encourage young horse lovers to learn more about horses.  We really like the idea!  We saw the start of the new "Breyer Farms" line this fall with the introduction of the wooden carry barns, a reasonably-priced truck and trailer, and a new, big stable for Stablemates.

In 2021, they're introducing the "Li'l Beauties" line.  Think My Little Ponies, only made by Breyer! 

These cuties have colorful, brushable manes and tails, and each comes with her own hair brush.


There are both horse and unicorn singles available, along with two adorable playsets, like this sweet shop:

I'm sure you know a youngster who would adore them!


For those a bit older, but still looking for an interactive set to play with, there are also some new horse and rider sets with brushable hair, which come with a helmet and tack as well as hair brush:

Yes, there's a unicorn set, too:



We think this is a great way to introduce young people to our hobby and help them start learning about our favorite animals!

There's something for everyone this year, with over 70 new items (Holy cow!) entering the Breyer lineup.  Favorites so far, by number preordered are:

Obsidian, the black unicorn:


The Orrin Mixer-inspired Ideal Series Paint Horse:

and the Pintos and Palominos Gift Set:

Breyer Stablemates Pintos & Palominos Gift Set at Triple Mountain


The 2021 Holiday Horse and ornaments are also selling in record numbers, and no wonder - They're beautiful!

Breyer 2021 Holiday Horse Arctic Grandeur at Triple Mountain

Arctic Grandeur is super elegant and his little buddy adds a touch of adorability (if that's not a word, it needs to be!).

Then, there's the most popular Beautiful Breeds ornament we've ever had -- The Belgian:

Breyer 2021 Beautiful Breeds Ornament Belgian at Triple Mountain

and wow - This beautiful unicorn, called Eira:

Breyer 2021 Unicorn Ornament at Triple Mountain

There's a fabulous new "Crafting Til Christmas" Advent Calender the we love, too, with a different craft project every week of December to help you make it until Christmas!

Breyer 2021 Crafting Til Christmas Advent Calendar at Triple Mountain


While the Regular Runs should be available for purchase all year, we highly encourage you to pre-order the 2021 Holiday Horse and ornaments now, because all retailers have to have their orders in to Breyer by March, and after that we cannot get any more.  So if we sell out, you miss out!  Don't let that happen, like it did to so many people in 2020.  Get them reserved now so you can sit back and relax, knowing they'll be shipped to you when they arrive in September/October.  Order yours now, right through our website.


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