Shipping Updates & Where Are the New CollectA?

Posted by Eleda Towle on

Hi Everyone, here are a couple of quick updates:

We're STILL waiting for the new CollectA models.  I've sent four emails and a text in the last two weeks, asking for an updated ETA, but as of this post, I haven't received a response.  Breyer had said, "Sometime in August," originally, but August is quickly coming to a close and they haven't given us any new arrival date.  I will continue asking until we get some information, and once I do, I'll post to the blog, on Facebook, and on the items' pages themselves, so you can find the update anytime.  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience.  We know everything is subject to change this year, but we're working hard to get more information for everyone who has pre-ordered them.

There IS good news on the shipping front!  The delays I spoke about in my recent email newsletter (if you're not signed up, you may want to do that - I only send them when there's model news to share... There's a signup field at the bottom of every page) seem to be getting resolved!  A few weeks ago, it took 8 days for a box to travel from Maine to New York, but this week, both UPS and USPS have had much better transit times... A box for Texas arrived there in 2 days!  Hooray!  The Postmaster General postponed his changes and that has allowed them to get back on track, which, it appears, has helped relieve UPS of some of the boxes that were suddenly flooding their intake centers as people had been avoiding the Postal Service.  Fingers are crossed this continues, and good work by all involved at the carriers!


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