Short Delays Expected Through October 7th

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Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, Roy and I are closing our second business at the end of this month, and going forward I will be able to focus full-time on Triple Mountain.  This is a really exciting time - and also a hectic one.  In order to get the other business closed, we're working with a lot of vendors and state agencies, and there's more paperwork than you could shake a stick at.

The other business officially closes on 9/30, so we're now in the process of running sales to move inventory out and working with vendors to return products they can take back.  This next ten days, both of us will need to be at the other business for long hours, managing the process.  During this time, and the week that follows (bookkeeping week, ugh!), there will sometimes be a day or two delay in answering messages and shipping orders. 

This is all working toward that wonderful goal, though, of being able to put 100% of my time into Triple Mountain to continue the incredible growth we've been experiencing!  We've got great things on the horizon, including real plastic gift cards for holiday shopping (just received them and we're so excited!), along with plans for Black Friday and beyond.  We appreciate your patience through the next two-to-three weeks while we wrap up the other business, and THANK YOU so much, everyone who has written to show your support!

We love sharing the collecting hobby with you, and look forward to a lot more fun in the future!

~ Eleda

Breyer Donkeys at Triple Mountain

Why the donkeys?  Because if we put our heads together, we can do anything!

And because they're just plain freakin' cute... *grins*

Photo credit: June Hill - These are her donkeys Starburst and Kaleidoscope

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  • I think their cute too. I knew immediately what they meant before you even wrote it out.

    Even better and a more secure connection is having The Lord God Almighty Jesus at the front and center of all a husband and wife set themselves to do together.

    Blessings to y’all both on this new adventure – Love your customer Carol Shamir Tompkins/ Spring ,TX

    Shamir Tompkins on
  • Excellent! Im so glad to see a family run model horse company growing rather than closing down!!! I was so disheartened when i heard My longtime breyer dealer as a child Bentley Sales Co is no longer in business….they were so amazing & helpful I was 9 and they taught me everything i knew theyd spend literally hours a week speaking with me and my friends & theyd call on my birthday and one time on new years Eve! I just found you guys but you’re only an hour from me and so far i like what ive read and heard about u from another collector i bought from :) good luck with the transition cant wait to see the store soon!!! I hope u guys do classes like customizing or tack tutorials or even how tos on showing , a club for local collectors, a local horse sale/trade event or sponsering a local show anything! Lol i want to get involved i just dont know any other collectors in Maine I’m originally from Illinois. Anyhow keep up the good work & good luck —-Megan Trawick

    Megan Trawick on

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