They've landed!

Welcome to America, ponies and horses of the Copperfox herd!  After a swift trip across the ocean (I can imagine them peeking out the windows of the airplane, anticipating their new homes!), they recently arrived at Triple Mountain.

They'll become available for sale at midnight as planned, but we couldn't wait to share pictures with you!

Copperfox models arrive at Triple Mountain

Here they come!  If you look closely, you may catch a rare sighting of Roy among the boxes as he brings them inside.  He usually stays out of the limelight, but does a lot of the heavy lifting around here... and they're heavy!

Here are our display models enjoying the view from the front store window.  They've gotten to see snow, pine trees, and even the little herd of whitetail deer that travel from the pond, past the store, up into the woods of the Triple Mountain each morning.  The horses wanted to go out and play in the snow, but I told them we had to buckle down and get ready for tomorrow's debut.  (Or, maybe that was Roy talking to me...)

Copperfox Model Horses arrive at Triple Mountain in the US
Copperfox Model Horses at Triple Mountain
I need to add here that due to the very small profit margin on this initial shipment, we have to exclude them from the rewards program, in that you cannot redeem Pony Points to discount Copperfox models (meaning orders that include a Copperfox) at this time.  We hope that we'll be able to include them in the future, but meanwhile, even though you can't redeem Pony Points to discount them, purchases of Copperfox models will still EARN you Pony Points that you can use on our other items. 
Time to get everything set up for tomorrow! 
We're so excited!
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