Triple Mountain Helps One Tree Planted

You may have noticed the little banner at the bottom of our website:

Triple Mountain supports One Tree Planted
So what's that all about, and what is One Tree Planted?


One Tree Planted is a 501C3 charity based in Vermont, USA, whose mission is to help people understand the importance of trees and make it easier to get more trees into the ground where they're needed.  OTP works with reforestation organizations around the world to plant seedlings in areas devastated by forest fires, natural disasters, and man-made deforestation.


Two OTP volunteers from a large group planting trees in Paradise, California, in March of 2019, to help the forest rebound after the deadly wildfires there.


OTP has made it possible to plant a tree for every $1 donated, and they planted 1.3 MILLION trees in 2018!


They have helped rebuild forests on 6 continents, working with local volunteers who then feel they have a stake in the forest's growth and will continue to care for these growing trees with pride.  Indigenous trees are planted in each location to help preserve the local ecology, as well as trees that impoverished communities can use to make a living, like fruit-bearing trees.


OTP volunteers in Haiti on their way to a planting site in 2018.


So, what does all of this have to do with Triple Mountain?  Well, you know that we believe every business has a responsibility to its community, both local and global.  Every business should be trying to leave the world a better place in whatever way it is able.  For us, this means supporting our local animal shelter with the sale of donated models.  But now it also means that for a limited time, we'll be donating 1% of all our sales to One Tree Planted to continue their work around the world.


OTP volunteers planted 10,000 trees in Brazil this March, following the horrific wildfires there.


Trees not only provide oxygen for all of us, they help prevent runoff from hillsides that pollutes or blocks rivers and aid in carbon sequestration (helping slow climate change).  Along with the sun and rain, trees support life here on Earth. 

We are lucky to live at Triple Mountain, where a healthy forest surrounds us, but many forests are under a lot of pressure these days, from both man and nature.  We just want to do our part to support them!

How our donation works:  This program costs you nothing - The donation comes out of our income from each order you place.  We are donating 1% of our sales to One Tree Planted.  That means if you place an order worth $100, we'll donate $1 to OTP... You'll have planted a tree!


Volunteers planting near Sydney, Australia
Thanks for making a difference with every model you buy from us!
~ Eleda
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