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We all hate when they do this, but it's a pretty regular occurrence twice per year. We just heard about this one this morning, and it takes effect  - Today.  We cringe to bring you this information, but as part of our Honest Shipping Policy, we always keep you updated on changes to USPS pricing and regulations that may affect your costs, both with us and everyplace you buy models (ie eBay).


This time, the change looks like it will affect customers in Postal Zones 5-9, basically everyone who has a ZIP code that begins with 240--  and higher (with a few exceptions.  You can view the Postal Zone list here). 

Priority Mail and Parcel Select to folks in all these areas may increase in price dramatically.  First Class will not change. 

As an example:
A 5 pound box that is 15" x 15" x 15" used to cost $8.25 to ship from ME to Washington DC.  Beginning 6/23, this same box will cost $19.27.  


Now, most of you don't require a box that large, so we assume the change won't be as dramatic.   However, for those of you who are accustomed to gathering a really big herd before shipping, you may want to look at which brings you better value: One really big box, or smaller ones more often. 

As always, we will try to minimize your shipping cost through the use of appropriately light packing materials and our Hold Your Horses program.


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