Website Shipping Issue - and Temporary Solution

Well, technology is playing an April Fool's trick on us and our collectors on the US Easts Coast.  For some reason, the only shipping option that wants to show up is 1-Day Express Mail, which is very expensive!  We've got our tech gurus on it and hope to have it corrected right away so you can choose Priority Mail again.

Meanwhile, we can work around it.  If you will go into checkout with the items you want, enter your information, then leave the site and email me, I can re-create what's in your cart in a manual order, with proper shipping, and send you a link to it back by email.  The link takes you right back to our checkout page so you can pay securely - with the correct shipping.

It's an extra step, and I apologize, but it's a workaround for the moment, until they can trick or cajole the link between our site and USPS into working again.  We hope to have it corrected before the end of day today.  Fingers crossed - You know I'm a country girl, so I rely on those "'puter-smart folks" to make it play nice.

~ Eleda


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