Weekly Challenge #1: The Secret Life of Model Horses

Posted by Eleda Towle on

What kind of adventures or mischief do your models get into when no one is home? Do they sneak a snack of potato chips, hang out on the sofa watching tv...? 

Send us a photo of your model or models, showing what they're doing when no one is home. 

Photos must be received by Saturday, March 28th at 11:59pm (email to info@triplemountain.com) to be considered for inclusion in our challenge blog.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Challenge photos received:



Sunbathing with Charlie


 Raiding the candy cupboard


 Need coffee!


 Blanket fort



 Stealing the chickens' food


 Trying to guess the BF 2020 Surprise Model


 Dress Up


Story Time



 Making Cards


Rolling in the snow


Dusting Conga (Wish I could teach mine to do this!)


Spirit and Rain got married


Secretariat showing "the kids" his movie


Horse Party  (Check out EZ To Spot getting ready to dive into the pool!)


Tormenting the big fluffy


Uh Oh, "Charmin" got into the toilet paper stash!


Freeing a Friend

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  • Everyone was so creative, love them all.

    June H. on
  • Do I spy the micro run red dun BF 2019 Quill in the guessing the 2020 surprise model pic?!

    Shannon C on
  • I love them all. I can’t figure out which one I like best, to hard to decide. So creative, I am very impressed with all the images. Well done!

    Peggy F. on

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