Weekly Challenge #3: Easter Bunny

Posted by Eleda Towle on

Hippity-hopping down the bunny trail… Wait, that's not a bunny!  Dress up one of your models like a bunny and send us a photo.  Props and scenery aren't necessary but are welcome in this challenge.


Photos must be received by Saturday, April 11th at 11:59pm (email to info@triplemountain.com) to be considered for inclusion in our challenge blog.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Challenge photos received will be posted below:


Hippity Hopping


The new Cadbury bunny-rainbow-zebra-drafter


The unicorn turned his horse friend into a real live bunny!  Wow!



Let me help you with that carrot


Cannon Ball into the Easter Eggs!



Easter Egg Hunt


Bunny Ears Finds the Elusive Chocolate Egg (Can You?)


Here's Your Easter Gift - She wouldn't fit in an egg

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  • Happy Easter to everyone!

    Peggy F. on

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