Weekly Challenge #9: Ink Blot Test

Posted by Eleda Towle on

We have a hard challenge for you this week!  Ever heard of the "ink blot test?"  That's the psych test where you are shown randomly shaped ink blots on a piece of paper and have to describe what shapes you see in them.  We're going to make our own ink blots, using models!  Here's how: 

1)  Find a sheet of paper big enough to lay your model horse on and roll him over while keeping him completely on the paper.  

2)  Lay him down and trace around him.  

3)  Now, carefully roll him over like a real horse rolling, keeping his back in the same place but rolling his legs to the opposite side. 

4)  Trace around him again. 

5)  Lastly, fill in the shape you've created on the paper with paint, crayon, etc.,  to make your own horse-inspired ink blot.  We'll all try to figure out which model you used, so trace as carefully as possible.


Photos must be received by Saturday, May 23rd at 11:59pm (email to info@triplemountain.com) to be considered for inclusion in our challenge blog.  I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Challenge photos received - Can you guess which model the ink blot is?


Adah from Blackberry Lane Studios:

[Adah gives us a hint:  It's a Stone model]


from RR Brinkman:


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  • Yes, you are correct.

    RR Brinkman on
  • RR Brinkman, I think your silhouette is of the American Quarter Horse Mare in the classics series?

    SilverFish on
  • Is the cover image John Henry? :)

    Blackberry Lane Studios on

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