What a Week! No Kid Hungry, WEG Models, Shipping Update

Hi Everyone!

It's been a week to go into the history books.  We have changed our charity recipient to No Kid Hungry for now, from Australia's Wildlife Warriors, whom we raised over $200 for.  The change is due to the number of kids in the US who depend on school breakfast and lunch programs... With many schools closed, a lot of kids can't count on meals being available at home.  No Kid Hungry helps provide nutrition for those who need it, so we're happy to support them during this time.  ...You do nothing but buy the models you love.  For every purchase, we donate 1% of the sale price to this charity.

Of course, we're still maintaining our animal shelter account for our regional shelter, as well, and models being sold for the shelter can be found on our home page under "Special Collections -> Animal Shelter Benefit Models."

Wow, so you've already heard about our treasure trove of World Equestrian Games Special Run Breyer models.  We were completely amazed to stumble upon them and were very excited to strike a deal to bring them to Triple Mountain for you!  Languishing away, forgotten, in a French warehouse, these models haven't seen the light of day for almost six years.  We received some last week, but the bulk of them will get off the boat and trot over here in late April.  Pre-orders for them have been through the roof!  We're excited that you're excited for them.  This is the type of discovery we usually think doesn't happen anymore, and we can still hardly believe it.  I recommend pre-ordering yours now, before we run out.  We're including an official Breyer WEG Classic-size blanket with every WEG 2014 Classic model purchased!

Meanwhile, health and safety is on everyone's minds right now.  To protect those who usually help here at Triple Mountain, we have asked everyone to stay home until this first wave of virus has passed, hoping to keep everyone healthy.  That means I'm pretty much running everything solo here for the time being.  Roy helps when he can, but he's not allowed to pack models, answer emails, or write listings (LOL).  So please be patient if it takes an extra day or two to get your orders shipping occasionally.  So far, we've been able to keep up and hope to continue to do so, but we wanted to let you know ahead of time why there might be a delay if there is.  

Meanwhile, I'm practicing nearly total social isolation to help insure I don't get catch this.  Sending ponies out to happy new homes is a joy for me, and I don't want that to get interrupted, so I'm staying here on the mountain, enjoying your awesome challenge photos and packing orders!

Speaking of challenge photos - You guys are so much fun!  Our first weekly photo challenge wraps up tonight, so if you've been thinking about joining in, please do!  We're posting challenge photo submissions right into the challenge blog article for everyone to enjoy.

A new challenge will be posted every Sunday morning, so watch for the next one coming soon!

You rock!  Thanks for playing ponies with us!


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