Where in the World are the WEG models and 70th Anniversary Horses?

I know many of you are wondering, so here's the latest update!

We spoke with Breyer on Wednesday and the new "hopeful" ETA for the 70th anniversary models to arrive in NJ and start shipping to retailers is somewhere between the end of May and mid-June.  This is obviously subject to change with everything going on in the world, but that's the latest, straight from the horse's mouth!  As you know, we have to order them as a "random assortment" which means we don't know how many of each we'll receive.  Because of this, we won't be posting them for pre-order - We'll get them online as soon as they land here.


The WEG 2014 models are on their way here, on a truck... but where exactly along the route, we don't know.  With freight trucks, there's no tracking and no updates when they're en route, so now we just wait and watch for a big ol' truck to pull in.  It's going to rain today, so I'm guessing they'll arrive today... That's just how these things usually work.  We'll start filling preorders as soon as they arrive, and they'll begin shipping the next shipping day (we always warn our PO a day ahead so they can make room for our big loads).


We have the potential of perhaps getting more Lionels and Crystallines... Stay tuned.  No new wait lists will be taken - We'll let you know if/when they arrive.  Everyone already on a wait list will have their orders filled first, before we make the rest available publicly. 

Meanwhile, consignors are still sending in models, so we have plenty of new ponies going online each Friday night at 8pm.


We want to send a big shout out to all the carriers and delivery drivers in the world.  Without you, grocery stores, hospitals, and every essential business would be unable to provide essential services.  You are essential to the essentials!   You're also (and always) essential to Triple Mountain, too.  Thank you.


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Does Treasure have an EMT/postal/grocery hat she could wear? It would be really cute if you could dress her up like our amazing heroes. :)

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