Your Order Could Be FREE!

Triple Mountain Model Horses is ready to celebrate Order # 15,000!

We're coming up on order number 15,000!  That's a lot of ponies finding wonderful homes.


To celebrate,

Order #15,000 will be free! 


All items in our online store (and in our physical store) are eligible, both current and retired items.  Advance Sale items are excluded.  If you're the lucky collector who places Order #15000, we will email you a Triple Mountain electronic gift card for the price of the order, up to $50 total!  If the order is over $50, we'll send you a $50 electronic gift card. 



Gift card will be sent once the order is fully paid, to the email address used when the order was placed. Total order, for the purposes of this promotion, includes all items plus shipping cost.  Once sent, we cannot access the card to resend it or issue a replacement, so be sure you order using the email address you check most often, and treat the gift card code like cash - Keep it safe.  We reserve the right to post winning customer's initials and state/country (or first name and state/country, if you prefer) in our marketing.  
[Note:  If customer requests any part of the order be refunded, and the gift card is unused, it will be voided.  If gift card has been used or partially used, no refund will be given.  This  is to help prevent the promotion from being won by a scammer.]


Congratulations to Missy A!  She had order #15,000 on July 2nd and won a $50 gift card!

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Happy Birthday, Eleda!


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