Collection: BreyerFest Sale!

Happy BreyerFest Weekend (plus a few days)! 

Up to 30% off on select items!

Plus - Special Full-Case Discounts for Customizers!


This year we're starting the sale on Wednesday,but we're going to keep sale prices in effect through the following Thursday, to give people at the event time to get back home and join in.

There's a lot to look through, but you can sort alphabetically or by price to make your treasure hunt easier.


Items are viewable prior to the sale, but some items may go out of stock before or during the sale.  Sale prices will become visible and be in effect July 12 at 12:00am EDT - July 20 11:59pm EDT, 2023.


Please note that no other discounts can be used on orders that include sale items (including Pony Points). 

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