Collection: Horse Magazines

Just as educational and as much fun to read today as the day they were published! 

Horse magazines provide great information on bloodlines, colors, and famous horses, as well as offering some excellent reference photos for artists.

In Breyer's "Just About Horses" magazine, learn about Breyer history, judging model horse shows, customizing, the real horses that became portrait models, and more.


Notes about magazine listings:


When multiple versions of the same issue are listed separately, it is simply because they came to us from different consignors - Listing them separately insures the right consignor receives the money from the sale.

Notes on issue names:  "JAH" changed their publication schedule and issue naming conventions several times over the years, so some issues are labeled "Vol X, No X" while others are "Month, Year" or a combination of the two.  We have tried to sort them by year to make it easy for you to choose which ones you want, and to also include the volume and number information for reference.

We took sample photos from each magazine that came to us, and used these "stock images" for all additional copies of the same issue, so the photos may not be of the actual copy, but are representative of that issue.

These issues have come to us from our consignors.  Each is in Excellent to Near Mint condition.  Some have kraft paper shipping covers still on them over their covers; others do not.  They may include or be missing any inserts, including Breyerfest programs.  Some may have address labels with or without the former owner's name blacked out (their decision).  While none have strong odors, occasionally there may be a very slight dusty smell which is normal from magazine that were stored for long periods.

If you're not familiar with "volume, number" naming, it was a common way for many magazines to keep track of their issues.  "Volume" indicates the year, with Volume 1 being the first year produced, and so on.  "Number" indicates the issue within that volume, so "Volume Ten, Issue 1" would be the first issue for year ten.

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