Collection: Gifts For Horse Lovers and Animal Lovers Under $10!

Great Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Horse Lovers and Animal Lovers at Triple Mountain - Under $10

Here you'll find a selection of the best gift ideas for animal lovers, all under $10!  These are perfect for little gifts for that special person... or for you! 

From model horses and model animals, to animal crafting kits and jewelry, you'll find ideal presents for Secret Santa, gift swaps, gift baskets and more, right here at Triple Mountain.


And if you're still not sure what they want... You know THEY know what they want, so we also have electronic gift certificates for you!  You can purchase a gift certificate in any amount and have its secret code emailed to you, perfect to give to that picky animal lover, the collector who has "almost" everything, or if you want a gift you can hand them right now, without waiting for it to ship.

Purchase Gift Certificates here:
Triple Mountain Model Horses Electronic Gift Card for Breyer Schleich and More

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