Collection: Spirit Riding Free

The Spirit Riding Free series is one of Netflix's most popular animated series to date!  Named for the equine star of the show, a buckskin Mustang named Spirit, the series takes place in the American West.  Spirit is befriended by a girl named Lucky who rides him bareback and bridleless, guided only by their trust in each other.  Spirit and Lucky are accompanied by their friends Prudence and her palomino mare Chica Linda, and Abigail on her pinto gelding Boomerang, as they take on adventures in every episode.  The series teaches morals while remaining fun and lighthearted, and has become popular with both kids and adult horse lovers.

Breyer's Spirit model horse collection ranges from Traditional sized Breyer models (around 11" tall) to Stablemates (around 2" tall) and everything in between. Spirit plushies are popular, and then there are the exciting, mysterious Stablemates Blind Bags... and even paint your own horse kits.  Limited Quantities available - Order yours now!

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