Friesian ~ Daisy's Chief Dane "Harley"

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Harley is an American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Horse.  He has a career as a racetrack "pony," guiding fractious young Thoroughbreds to the starting gate.  He has been spotted at many major races (no pun intended!), including the Kentucky Derby.  His eye-catching coat. drafter build, and calm demeanor have caught the attention of a lot of horse lovers and earned him a Breyer portrait model!

Breyer's portrait model features a solid face, left hind coronet, and intricately masked Appy spots to match the real big guy's pattern.  We've found that each of these is slightly different due to the detail in the masking, which makes them even more fun!


In our most recent shipment from Breyer, three of the Harleys we received had their boxes damaged in transit.  Don't worry, the horses are fine, just a bit skittish, but we're letting them play at the store to relax.  The good news for you is that until Breyer sends us replacement boxes, we're offering these three at a discounted price!  If you're just going to throw the box away anyway, you can save some money by choosing a damaged-box one!


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #1805