Collection: WIA Models

Born in Germany, WIA models are realistic sculptures by famous artists, including Brigitte Eberl and Morgen Kilbourn.  Two scales are currently being produced:

1:18 scale in a proprietary plastic/rubber mix that feels more solid than similar brands and takes details well; and 1:9 scale finished resins, which are heavy and more fragile.

Both carry lovely paint jobs, with attention to small details.  The 1:18-scale models have a tiny bit of flexibility, making them suitable for children as well as adult collectors.  The 1:9 resins are designed specifically for adults.

WIA is busy working on additional sculpts and hopes to release new molds annually, as well as new colors for existing molds.  Triple Mountain is the first US retailer to carry WIA, and we are excited by both their current and future releases!  You're definitely going to want to add WIA models to your herd!

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