Breyer / CollectA 2019 Retired List

We've just received this year's list of retiring models, and it's an extensive one.  Breyer has already ceased producing these models, so it won't be long before they're unavailable.  If you've been on the fence about buying any of these, we suggest grabbing them now before they are gone for good.  (You can always sell them later if you decide you're not in love with them, right?)


Here's the list - Those we have available at the time we're writing this will include a photo and a link to purchase them:



Sgt Reckless - Marine Hero w/ Trading Cards






SBH Phoenix















Van Gogh




Paint Me a Pepto




Fantasia Del C and Gozosa (we're trying to get more)





Latigo Dun It (only one left!)





California Chrome











Milo, Appaloosa Foal w/ Blanket & Bracelet





 Shadow, Clydesdale Foal w/ Blanket & Bracelet






LV Integrity












Protocol 2019 Benefit Set with Dogs


Spirit Traditional Size





GG Valentine and Heartbreaker

Justify Resin Figurine


Traditional Accessories:

Ryan - Hunter Rider - Limited Edition


Show Stable Accessories


Classics (Freedom Series):

Heroes of the West


Palomino Morgan Horse and Foal 




Chestnut Arabian Horse and Foal


Grey Arabian Horse & Foal 


Cosmus, Pegasus


2019 Horse of the Year-Malik


Day Dreamer 




Appaloosa Horse & Foal Set


Grey Saddlebred & Sorrel Foal Set


Grullo Paso Fino & Foal Set


Bay QH & Foal Set




Gift Set Pack 6 pc Asst

Deluxe Animal Hospital



Pocket Box:

Pocket Box Wild Animals




Palomino Falabella Mare


Common Zebra


Zebra Foal (old model only)

Timber Wolf - Howling (Tawny Colored #88341.  We're trying to get more.)


Blue Whale

Hereford Bull

Hereford Cow



So, what are our biggest surprises in the list this year?  Pepto and Empres!  Both still sell pretty well and we thought they'd get another year.  We're also a little surprised that the CollectA Zebra mare is being retired - After all, they just added a brand-new Zebra foal this year.  Maybe a new Zebra sculpt will be coming?  We hope so, or Baby will be rather lonesome.

What are we looking forward to or hoping for in 2020?  Given the number of models retired, we're looking forward to a rainbow of new colors on our favorite molds!  We haven't seen Silver as a regular run in a while... We'd love to see him appear in a new color.  I expect we'll see the Andalusian Mare in a new color, and wouldn't we love to see a brighter color on Valegro?  We would indeed!  I also really hope (and keep asking) Breyer will decide to pick up the CollectA grulla Fjord, who was one of our best sellers that they didn't pick up, along with the CollectA golden sorrel Arabian mare.  Fingers crossed!


What were your surprises on this list?  What are you hoping for in 2020?

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Sargeant Reckless and Valegro


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