Breyer 2020 Retired List

Breyer has just announced their 2020 Retired List.  These models will no longer be produced, and when we sell out of them, there will be no more. 

If you've been on the fence about some of these, this is your last chance to grab them!

Models with photos and links are currently available at Triple Mountain as of the time of this post.  If there's no link or the link leads to a 404 page, then we've sold out.


Craft and Activity

4116 3D Paint by Number - Pinto
4160 Stablemates Coloring and Activity Book
4218 Horse Painting Kit


Freedom Series

596 Hilltop Stable
698 Spring Creek Stable (RED)
701 West Wind Stable 
916 Chestnut Quarter Horse
917 Palomino Morgan Breyer Freedom Series Palomino Morgan at Triple Mountain
920 Bay Pinto Pony
924 Chestnut Sport Horse
930 Black Semi-Leopard Appaloosa
937 Chestnut Appaloosa Breyer Freedom Series Chestnut Appaloosa #937
946 Grulla Paint Horse Breyer Grulla Paint Horse #946 at Triple Mountain
947 Silver Bay Mustang Bryeer Freedom Series Silver Bay Mustang #947 at Triple Mountain
950 Bay Roan Australian Stock Horse Breyer Bay Roan Australian Stock Horse #950 at Triple Mountain
951 Mahogany Bay Thoroughbred Breyer Freedom Series Mahogany Bay Thoroughbred #951 at Triple Mountain
953 Buckskin Hanoverian
956 Grey Saddlebred
1508 Dog House Play Set Breyer Dog House Play Set #1508 at Triple Mountain
61052 Chelsea, Show Jumper Breyer Chelsea (Classic Size) w/ English Tack Set at Triple Mountain
61053 Kaitlyn, Cowgirl Breyer Rider, Kaitlyn (Classic size) with Western Tack Set at Triple Mountain
61129 Tack and Blanket
62027 Bath time Fun
62200 Pony Power
62049 Camping Adventure Set Breyer Camping Adventure Set with Riley at Triple Mountain
62051 Forthwind Breyer Morgan Stallion ~ Forthwind Unicorn at Triple Mountain
62120 Fairfax, Morgan -HOTY Breyer Fairfax, Morgan - Horse of the Year at Triple Mountain
62201 Barrel Racing Breyer Barrel Racing Set, Palomino Paint Horse at Triple Mountain
62203 American Dream Breyer Rearing Mustang ~ American Dream at Triple Mountain
62205 Mighty Muscle Breyer Brabant ~ Mighty Muscle at Triple Mountain
62208 Racing the Wind
62209 Smooth Rider Breyer Smooth Rider Paso Fino & Foal Set at Triple Mountain
62301 Birthday at the Barn Breyer Birthday at the Barn Set at Triple Mountain


Horse Stories

6137 Little Prince Horse & Book Set Breyer Shetland Pony ~ Little Prince Book and Model Set at Triple Mountain


Pocket Box

1586 Pocket Box Cats Breyer Pocket Box Cats (blind bags) at Triple Mountain
1590 Pocket Box Dogs Breyer Pocket Box Dogs (blind bags) at Triple Mountain



9203 Spirit and Lucky Gift Set  Breyer Spirit and Lucky - 1:12 Scale Set with Hair Brush at Triple Mountain
9204 Boomerang and Abigail Gift Set Breyer Boomerang & Abigail 1:12 Scale Set w Tack & Hair Brush at Triple Mountain
9205 Chica Linda and Pru Gift Set
9206 Spirit and Lucky Small Set Breyer Spirit and Lucky - Small Set at Triple Mountain
9207 Boomerang and Abigail Small Set
9208 Chica Linda and Pru Small Set
9209(B) Boomerang Plush Breyer Spirit Boomerang Plushy at Triple Mountain
9209(CL) Chica Linda Plush Breyer Spirit Chica Linda Plushy at Triple Mountain
9217 Deluxe Spirit and Friends Painting Kit
9237 Spirit Paint & Play Kit Breyer Spirit Mini Paint & Play Kit (Stablemate) at Triple Mountain
9238 Chica Linda Paint & Play Kit Breyer Chica Linda Mini Paint & Play Kit (Stablemate) at Triple Mountain
9239 Boomerang Paint & Play Kit Breyer Boomerang Mini Paint & Play Kit (Stablemate) at Triple Mountain
9245 Spirit Blind Bags– Series 2 Breyer Spirit Series 2 Blind Bags at Triple Mountain
9256 Spirit & Friends Gift Set 



5343 Friendship Foals Pocket Barn
5352 Lights and Siren Animal Rescue Truck and Trailer
5369 Horse Crazy Truck and Trailer Breyer Stablemates Truck & Slant-Load Trailer at Triple Mountain
5370 Horse Crazy Pocket Barn
5396 Glow in the Dark 4 Horse Set Breyer_Glow_in_the_Dark_SM_set_at_Triple_Mountain
5397 Horse Crazy Gift Collection
5938 Mystery Foal Surprise  
6026 Western Play Set Breyer Stablemates Western Play Set at Triple Mountain
6027 English Play Set Breyer Stablemates English Play Set at Triple Mountain
6035 Wild at Heart Breyer Stablemates Wild At Heart 4-Horse Set at Triple Mountain
6036 Dapples and Dots Breyer SM Dapples and Dots set at Triple Mountain
6046 Truck and Gooseneck Trailer
6047 Mystery Horse Surprise Series 2
6049(Car) Stable Surprise Set - Carrick & Foal Breyer Stablemates Carrick & Foal ~ Stable Surprise Family at Triple Mountain
6049(Ice) Stable Surprise Set - Icelandic & Foal Breyer Sm Icelandic & Cantering Foal ~ Stable Surprise Family at Triple Mountain
6049(LQH) Stable Surprise Set - Loping QH & Foal Breyer SM Loping QH & Scratching Foal ~ Stable Surprise Family at Triple Mountain
6049(Ido) Stable Surprise Set - Idocus & Foal Breyer SM Idocus & Trotting Foal ~ Stable Surprise Family at Triple Mountain
6058 Deluxe Horse Collection Breyer SM Deluxe Horse Collection at Triple Mountain
6217 SMs Mystery Unicorn Surprise Breyer Mystery Unicorn Surprise Blind Bags at Triple Mountain
59193 Horse Crazy Stable Breyer SM Horse Crazy Stable Set at Triple Mountain
59209 Deluxe Stable Set (wood)
59212 Riding Camp



1771 Xavier - Unicorn  Breyer Othello ~ Xavier, Unicorn at Triple Mountain
1789 EZ to Spot - Pony Jumper Breyer Newsworthy ~ EZ To Spot at Triple Mountain
1793 Shire - Best of British  Breyer Shire Gelding, Grey at Triple Mountain
1802 Verdades - Dressage Champion Breyer Salinero ~ Verdades at Triple Mountain
1808 Cloud's Legend Bryeer Classic Cloud's Legend Set at Triple Mountain
1811 Thunder - Arabian Bronco's Mascot Breyer Ashquar ~ Thunder, Mascot of the Denver Broncos at Triple Mountain
1812 GTR Patrick s Vindicator - Minature Horse with Jump Breyer Miniature Horse ~ GTR Paticks Vindicator w/ Jump at Triple Mountain
1819 Mangalarga Marchador
1820 Kentucky - Vicki Wilson Breyer San Domingo ~ Vicki Wilson's Kentucky at Triple Mountain
1823 Sable of Sable Island breyer connemara sable island horse at Triple Mountain
1824 Ideal Series - American Quarter Horse - inspired by art of Orren Mixer Breyer Ideal Series - Quarter Horse #1824 at Triple Mountain
1825 70th Anniversary Assortment - Breyer Through the Decades - Saddlebred
1825 70th Anniversary Assortment - Breyer Through the Decades -Andalusian Breyer Andalusian Stallion Dapple Grey 70th Anniversary at Triple Mountain
1825 70th Anniversary Assortment - Breyer Through the Decades -Indian Pony breyer 70th anniversary indian pony 1825 at Triple Mountain
1825 70th Anniversary Assortment - Breyer Through the Decades - Fighting Stallion Breyer Fighting Stallion, Sorrel Pinto - 70th Anniversary Model at Triple Mountain
1825 70th Anniversary Assortment - Breyer Through the Decades -Smarty Jones Chase Piece
9198 Best of British Foal Set - Thoroughbred and Hackney Horse Foals Breyer Best of British Foal Set: Thoroughbred and Hackney at Triple Mountain
9300 Justify - Triple Crown Winner Breyer Carrick ~ Justify - Triple Crown Champion at Triple Mountain


Traditional Tack & Accessories

286 Deluxe Tack Box
2019 English Pads & Polos - Hot Colored Asst.
2490 Stock Show Halter w/Lead Breyer Western Show Halter w/ Lead at Triple Mountain
3946 Blanket & Shipping Boots - Red Breyer Red Blanket and Shipping Boots #3948 at Triple Mountain
3947 Blanket & Shipping Boots - Blue


CollectA Horses

88432 Chestnut Hanoverian Stallion   CollectA Hanoverian Stallion, Sorrel #88432 at Triple Mountain
88463 Bay Andalusian Stallion    CollectA Andalusian Stallion, Dark Chocolate Bay at Triple Mountain
88516 Standing Haflinger Foal   
88519 Haflinger Mare   CollectA Haflinger Mare, Sorrel at Triple Mountain
88575 Grey Shire Foal  CollectA Shire Foal, Grey at Triple Mountain
88591 Brown Dun Fjord Stallion   CollectA Fjord Stallion, Dun at Triple Mountain
88602 Przewalski Stallion  Breyer by CollectA Przewalski Horse Stallion at Triple Mountain
88604 Bay Dartmoor Pony CollectA Dartmoor Pony Stallion, Bay at Triple Mountain
88606 Silver Dapple Shetland Pony  CollectA Shetland Pony, Silver Dapple at Triple Mountain
88624 Buckskin Akhal -Teke Mare  CollectA Akhal-Teke Stallion, Buckskin at Triple Mountain
88711 Bay Dartmoor Hill Mare  CollectA Dartmoor Mare, Bay Pinto at Triple Mountain
88712 Chestnut Australian Stock Horse Stallion CollectA Australian Stock Horse, Sorrel #88712 at Triple Mountain
88791 Bay Roan Mangalarga Marchador Stallion CollectA Mangalarga Marchador Stallion #88791 at Triple Mountain
88592 Brown Dun Fjord Foal 
88701 Red Dun Campolina Stallion  CollectA Campolina Stallion, Red Dun #88701 at Triple Mountain


CollectA Dogs and Cats

88070 English Cocker Spaniel  
88073 Dalmatian Puppy 
88074 West Highland  
88080 Jack Russell Terrier  
88177 Beagle  


Some of the models above we are down to our last one or two, so this is the time to get them before they're gone.  Remember, we do have a payment plan (Lay-Buys) if that helps!

So, who are you most surprised to see being retired?  Who will you be sad to see go?

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The reason the Ideal guy is being retired is because he is a limited year series similar to the AQHA sires one of several years ago. Next year, they will be using the same mold and it will be a paint

Leslie Kuretzky

I can’t believe they are retiring some of the brand new models! I can understand why they would retire Xavier the unicorn stallion, because he was released 3 or 4 years ago, which is still fairly new. But retiring the Ideal Series American Quarter Horse and the Sable Island Horse?! Those came out in, what, February!?

Taytum Whitfield

I’m really (pleasantly) surprised Lil Ricky Rocker is not retiring, seeing as the real him passed on this year.

Blackberry Lane Studios

I wouldn’t have expected this years releases (sable island and ideal quarter horse) to be retired so soon!


I was really surprised that Xavier was going to be retired since he was a fairly recent model.

Laura Wiltsie

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