Breyer is the most popular brand of model horses for good reason.  They offer a huge variety of sculpts and colors.  They've also learned to listen to their fan base and keep collectors engaged with both new models and events.


From Breyer's website:

Breyer® models begin as beautiful horse sculptures created by leading equine artists that are then cast into a copper and steel mold. Each model is created one at a time from the original mold, which is injected with a special resin selected by Breyer for its ability to capture the depth of detail, delicate feel and richness of color in our models. Once the model is molded, Breyer’s artisans take over, and the handwork begins. Each individual Breyer® model is prepped and finished by hand and then turned over to the painting department for hand painting (with airbrushes) and detailing (with paint brushes). In all, some 20 artisans work on each individual model horse, creating an exquisite hand-made model horse that is as individual as the horse that inspired it.

With a history dating back to 1950, collectors have created an entire cultural community around Breyer.  Events across the US and around the world celebrate Breyer model horses, including Breyer Fun Days which are held at retail stores who sell their models, and larger events such as West Coast Jamboree for more experienced collectors.  Model horse shows often feature Breyers as well, and lead up to the North American Nationals show, held each year the day before Breyer's annual collector convention, Breyerfest, takes over Kentucky Horse Park.  Breyerfest is attended by over 10,000 collectors every year, and after more than 25 years, continues to grow.

A proud collector shows off her ribbon winners from the Breyerfest Live Show in 2012.


Breyer models come in several sizes:

  • Traditionals (approx 1:9 scale) are the most popular with adult collectors, and Breyer often offers special, limited-run productions that sell for impressive amounts.
  • Classics (approx 1:12 scale) are popular with younger collectors and more budget friendly.
  • Stablemates (approx 1:32 scale) are also very popular with both adults and young collectors and have been around since the 1970s.
  • Mini Whinnies (approx 1:64 scale) are tiny and most often purchased in sets as toys.

Two other sizes have been used by Breyer as well:

  • 1:6 scale - Has been used only once so far, for Camila, the Springtime Foal.  This foal is roughly the same size as an adult Traditional, and Breyer is keeping quiet on whether they plan to make other models in this scale.
  • Little Bits / Paddock Pals: (approx 1:24 scale) This size is not being produced currently, but vintage models still sell well.  It was a small series, with just seven molds used, although they were each released in several colors.



Many Breyer models retain or gain value after they are retired by Breyer.  Kept in like-new condition, some retired models may sell for over $1000.  As such, many collectors consider their collection not just a hobby, but an investment.


At Triple Mountain, we offer both new Breyer models and retired ones.  Retired models come to us from a variety of sources, and are each listed with a detailed condition report and large, zoom-able photos.  As collectors ourselves (above photo is part of Eleda's private collection) we know what you're looking for when purchasing for your collection, and we want you to love your new additions as much as we do.  We love to receive emails from customers with pictures of their purchases in their new homes!