Hagen-Renaker - Still Hand-Made in the USA!


Hagen Renaker Little Sister With Pony

Many of us have a few H-R pieces in our collections, but how much do we know about their origins?

For example, did you know that Hagen-Renaker is a family-owned business, producing and hand-painting all their models right in California, USA?

Hagen Renaker Wild Horses on Base

Here are some more things you may not have known about Hagen-Renaker horses:

  • In 1945, Maxine Renaker began sculpting ceramic pieces in the family garage.  Her husband John built her their first kiln by running a garden hose from their gas stove! (not recommended, by the way!)
  • John's mom Moss worked for Walker Potteries, and her boss taught the Renakers about the pottery business.  Maxine's dad Ole Hagen and his brother built John and Maxine their first factory / apartment, and in gratitude, John and Maxine named their company Hagen-Renaker.
  • It wasn't long before the Renakers realized that animal sculptures were outselling plates and dishes, and they swung the company in this direction.  Among their first designers was Maureen Love, a name now synonymous with great model horses.  Maureen sculpted almost all of the horse pieces that are still in production today.  Since some of her original sculptures were leased to Breyer by Hagen-Renaker, many collectors have grown up thinking of her as a Breyer sculptor, when actually her pieces were originally designed to be produced in ceramic!
  • With a talented team of painters, you wouldn't expect the company's CEO to spend her time painting, but she does!  Susan Nikas, H-R CEO, paints the faces for all the riders herself.  Now that's a company that takes a truly hands-on approach to quality!
 Hagen Renaker Pinto Ponies Wranger, maydee and Rascal
Here's the place that makes the magic:  Hagen Renaker's factory in Monrovia, California ~
Come on in and see what's cooking:
Filling the molds ~
The birth of ponies!  Released from their molds, they await the painter's touch ~
A painter lovingly details the Mini Stallions ~
Preparing for the final firing to give them that beautiful high gloss finish ~
... and your ponies are packed up to join your collection!
Triple Mountain Model Horses is proud to support this family-owned business!  We hope you enjoy the new additions to our store and have a chance to bring some home to your herd!
 Hagen Reanker Native Dancer, Thoroughbred Mare, and Thoroughbred Foal by Maureen Love
[Photos and text from hagenrenaker.com are used with permission.]