Toro Silent Auction for Charity

Did you miss out buying a Toro when we sold them earlier this year?

Even limiting them one to a customer, all of ours were reserved within 2 weeks!  However, we held one back to give our customers who missed out one more chance to get one.... because we love you guys!

2016 Breyer Flagship Model Toro


Here's what we're going to do:

Toro models are selling between $75 and $109 on eBay right now.  This last one, still new in his box, is going to be sold by silent auction to benefit a local charity. 

His price will be start at $85 (shipping is not included in the bid price), and all profits will go to Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation.

Jen's Friends was started in memory of a local woman who passed away from brain cancer in 1998.  Her dying wish was to help others struggling with the financial burdens associated with the disease.  Long drives to expensive treatments, special diets, time off from work for caregivers - It all takes a financial toll that isn't covered by insurance. In the 18 years since Jen died, Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation has gone on to help hundreds of families in the Mount Washington Valley area with gas cards to get to treatments, food cards for local supermarkets, even paying rent and utility bills for some families.


I have personally seen the difference this organization has made to families, some of whom might have lost their homes in order to pay for treatments if it wasn't for Jen's Friends.  We wish there was an organization like this in every state!  We at Triple Mountain are proud to support Jen's Friends in their mission to insure cancer patients and their families can focus on healing without the added worry about bills piling up.

If you are looking for a Toro, please consider bidding on this one.  He'll be the model you'll be proudest to own, since you will also have helped families struggling with cancer to eat, pay for their meds, and get to treatments.


To bid on this model, please send an email to with "Toro" in the subject line and your bid and mailing address in the email.  We will NOT be publishing high bid amounts during the auction, so email us with your best bid and he will go to whomever bids the most.  (Feel free to email with questions about how the auction works if you're unsure.)

The auction will end on June 4th in the evening.  High bidder will be notified by Monday morning, and invoiced for the bid price and shipping to the address in their email.  Payment is expected within three days of notification, or model shall be offered to the next highest bidder with the same stipulations.

Since this is a silent auction, and bids will not be published during the auction, don't wait until the last minute to bid.  Email us with your offer on this handsome boy today!

Thank you from all of us at Triple Mountain and from the folks at Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation!

~ Eleda & Roy




Notes: In the event of a tie for high bid, earliest bid received will win.  Determination of winning bid will be made by Eleda, and her decision is final.  Model sent may not be the exact model pictured in the photo.  Model may not be returned or refunded due to the nature of the auction.  We make no warranty of show quality for this or any model (though we saw no glaring flaws in this model).  Shipping is not included in bid price and will be added to the winner's invoice.  Model will be shipped via USPS's least expensive method to winner's address, unless winner specifies expedited shipping.  International bidders are welcome!  Be aware that your country may assess Customs fees which are between you and them, and beyond our control.  Offer subject to change and any changes will be posted here.  Please enter into this event in the spirit in which it is intended - All profits will go to charity.  Thank you!