Wall of Fame

Every model we sell is special, but some are truly incredible.  Here are some models that we think are worthy of our Wall of Fame, and their stories.  All of these models are sold and in their new homes.  This page also serves as provenance for the models pictured, documenting their sale through Triple Mountain.


This handsome Breyer Black Jack resin came to us from one of our consignors and was purchased by Triple Mountain with the help of Ev S. and Lisa B. to be donated to the Caisson Division's Black Jack Museum at Fort Myer, Virginia, on the 40th Anniversary of the famous horse's passing.

Brey Black Jack resin

Platoon Leader of Caisson Division accepting model at the Museum. (Far left is Flip Godfrey, one of Black Jack's Walkers and event organizer.  Second from right in the background is Andy Carlson, who walked Black Jack during President John F. Kennedy's funeral.)  What an honor it was to be part of such a special event!

Breyer Black Jack Presentation Ceremony - Triple Mountain


Mustang Lady model sold to a friend of Mustang Lady's owner shortly after the famous horse passed.  Heidi then asked Naomi sign her belly.. What a special tribute to an amazing horse and her rider.

signed Mustang Lady


This Breyerfest matte Perlino Akhal Teke earns his Wall of Fame status not only for his gorgeous color, but for being the first model we shipped to Japan!  Sold to A.C., here he is in his new home:

Quelle Surprise Matte Perlino in Japan


Here is a very special model, indeed - possibly one of a kind!  This Legionario came to us on consignment with his owner never expecting that he was special.  Besides his lovely grey body shading, he wears what Nancy Young has called "nail polish pink" hooves and muzzle pinking, a milky, almost pearlescent finish, and an airbrushed PINK dorsal stripe!

It's hard to make out in photos, but it appears to be a straight stripe, airbrushed in light pink, under his finish.  Through our research, no others have been identified with this feature, and only a few with the other features mentioned.  He is now proudly living in an East Coast, USA, home, and may be seen on the show circuit!

Legionario with pink dorsal stripe


This Pancho came to us on consignment, complete with three NAN cards and an array of ribbons.  He now resides in Pennsylvania, displayed in his own private glass case with his winnings and a postcard showing the real Pancho with his Pony Farm family.

Breyer Stablemate Pancho


The incredible set below was sold together in June, 2016.  It included a First Edition hardcover copy of Sea Star, which included a photo of Marguerite Henry and a hand-written note from her to the book's initial recipient thanking her for a color picture she'd sent, a framed rare Wesley Dennis print of an illustration used in the book, and a Breyer Sea Star model with her original cardboard box and brochure.  This set joins Pancho in a fabulous, growing Chincoteague collection!





More models will be added occasionally, so check in to see the "best of the best" that have come through Triple Mountain!