Andalusian Stallion, Bright Bay (1:12 Scale)

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This handsome Andalusian stallion is showing off his lovely collected walk.  He's a red bay with a star and two hind socks.  He was discontinued in 2016 along with the whole 1:12 scale line, when Reeves took over distribution.  We don't expect these to be offered again in the US, and they're selling fast, so get yours before they're gone forever!

 He comes in a window-front box, which is hard to take photos through, but will be great for displaying him safely. Be aware that a trademark of this scale for CollectA is that they're a little thin behind the shoulder.  A note about size:  This line is much larger than Breyer's Classic line, which has always been advertised as 1:12 scale.  These are actually closer to the Traditional size than to Classics.  Reference photo below is of a Breyer Classic TB Terrang next to a CollectA 1:12 Arabian Stallion:

Size comparison: Left, Breyer Classic Terrang; Right, CollectA 1:12 Arabian Stallion


Size:  10.4" x 6.7"