Brachiosaurus - Deluxe 1:40 scale

Brachiosaurus - Deluxe 1:40 scale


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If you like dinosaurs for their size, you're going to love this guy.  He stands almost a foot high, towering over his arch-enemy, the T-Rex.  Brachiosaur means "Arm Reptile," and he got the name because he has an unusual posture:  His front legs are quite a bit longer than his back ones.  That long neck helps this gentle giant reach leaves from treetops and keep watch for carnivores.

This guy is huge and heavy!  He really impresses on you how big these fellows were.  As a bonus, with the CollectA Deluxe dinos, you get a little man to show how tall a 6-foot human is when standing next to these giants!

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Size: 10.9" L x 11.2" H

Model #88405

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