Camarillo White Horse

Camarillo White Horse


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Another exciting horse brought to you from CollectA, the Camarillo White is a rare beauty.  Less than two dozen of this incredible horse exist today, but efforts are underway to preserve and strengthen the breed.  Camarillo Whites began with the birth of a white colt with brown eyes in California around 1911.  Sultan, as he was named, won many Stock Horse championships, and around age 10, was purchased by Adolfo Camarillo to become a stud.  He bred Sultan to his Morgan mares and many of the foals carried on the unusual white color from birth.  It has recently been determined that the Camarillo White actually has a unique gene mutation that causes this magnificent coat color and differentiates them from any other breed in the world!  They are famous for appearing in parades in California, and many of us recognize them form the Rose Bowl, although we may have never known their incredible story.

[Camarillo Stallion Brilliante; photo credit]


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Size: 6.1" L x 5" H

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