Esprit ~ Apollo del Solis - Breyerfest 2021 - GLOSSY

Esprit ~ Apollo del Solis - Breyerfest 2021 - GLOSSY


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Wow!  That's what most people say when they first see Apollo del Solis, a purebred Pura Raza Espanola stallion who carries an extraordinarily rare bay double pearl combination of genes, creating this golden coat and dark GREEN eyes!


[Apollo del Solis. Photo credit]


We're excited that Apollo was chosen for a portrait model for Breyerfest 2021, which was themed "Horse of a Different Color."  He is done on the Esprit Andalusian mold Her model was only available at the event.  Matte models shipped in the summer; glossy models shipped in December of 2021.

This is the magnificent glossy version.  This handsome guy is Near Mint and so beautiful.  He is marked down from Mint only because he was shipped by Breyer in the heat of summer and two hooves bent slightly inward.  He stands fine. He features a gorgeously thick gloss coat that makes him look like porcelain.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #711480

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