Family Arabian Foal ~ Doc - Charcoal, Glossy

Family Arabian Foal ~ Doc - Charcoal, Glossy


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Hickory, Dickory, Doc - Nope, no mice here!  Those were the names Breyer gave their charcoal Family Arabians.  Only produced from 1961 (or '62) to 1967, they sport near-black coats, white manes and tails,  four white socks, and airbrushed bald faces, sometimes with pinking.  One of the earliest decorator colors, charcoal has remained popular, though it's rarely produced today.

This cutie is in Excellent condition in need of a bath.  No rubs were seen on inspection, just a few pinpoint body paint specks in her whites.  She has a lot of dirty areas that should clean off with a bath and some dull areas in her gloss coat.  Her whites are still nearly bright, and she features a beautiful, grey-charcoal coat with highlights all the way to white, and soft muzzle and inner ear pinking.

Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #203

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