Five Gaiter, Woodgrain

Five Gaiter, Woodgrain


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This hard-to-find Woodgrain release was produced beginning in 1961 or 1962 and retired in 1965.  He has airbrushed socks, a masked star, and blue-on-white ribbons.

This fellow is tricky to rate.  His overall condition is Excellent to Near Mint, with just ear edge rubs, rubs along the high points of his wavy mane, a tail tip rub, a tiny rub on his right gaskin, tiny hoof edge rubs, and some tiny and pinpoint rubs in his front socks.  He only shows the woodgrain-specific dappling in a few small areas.  So what's the challenge?  Someone added hoof pads to the bottoms of his feet.  They appear to be black felt with a sheet of plastic over the bottom, probably to protect whatever he was standing on.  They're all but invisible on display and he stands solidly, but he couldn't be shown with them on, of course.  So if you don't show, he's great for you.  (If you show, you could certainly try to remove them.)  He features lots of blue X's on his white ribbons and a neatly masked star.  He still shows the C Hess signature inside one hind leg.


Size:  Traditional

Breyer Model #951

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