Horse Fridge Magnet Clips

Horse Fridge Magnet Clips

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Beautifully handcrafted in New Hampshire, USA, these draft horses are ready to go to work!  A strong magnet holds them securely to your fridge, and with their spring-loaded clip, they'll even hold your shopping list or a photo in their mouth!

Each is handcrafted from solid wood and wears a draft collar.  They are made by horse people for horse people, and the Belgian is named for their maker's own Belgian mare.  You get to choose from Murray the bay Clydesdale, Ted the grey Percheron, Heather the chestnut Belgian... Or decorate your fridge with the whole team!  Each has a personality all its own.

Also great for school lockers, cubicles, or anyplace you could use a magnet that will make you smile.  We've put them to work in our Hiram store holding signs... Check out Murray announcing retired models below.


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